Now Okla trying

to block their QB Austin Kendall from transferring within their conference to West Virginia.
Is the SEC the only conference that stopped that?

Not sure, but don’t think colleges can block a player from going to any school - in or out of their own conference - anymore. Believe that changed a year or so back.

Of course, if they are not a grad-transfer, they will have to sit out a year; but that has always (in recent years) been the case.

Big 12 allows schools to block in-conference transfers. I expect the kid to lawyer up and challenge that restriction and he’ll probably win.

If they’re the only major conference with that ability, it won’t stand much longer. They’d (Big 12) be wise to drop that rule, before it gets done for them. And OU isn’t making themselves look good at all trying to enforce it.

The times, they are a-changing. That just won’t fly anymore with this generation of recruits.

I was under the assumption the NCAA changed that rule for all. Guess not.