Now official: Chavis is the DC; offensive staff named … ordinator/

Harry King on Chavis’ hire: … rill-some/

Chavis photo gallery from his time at Tennessee, LSU and Texas A&M: … ugh-years/

Recruits on the hire: … s-excited/

Who is making this announcement? The University Athletic Dept.? Coach Morris? What happened to announcing all of the staff at once? I’m confused.

Any official release essentially is the announcement of the university and the head coach. I think all of the coaching staff will be announced at some point today.

Chavis and Craddock will be officially introduced at a news conference tomorrow morning.

Now if Chavis would update his Twitter account…

But like someone else has mentioned, he may not be “in to” social media.

Somebody in football support Office needs to do that pronto. That should have been done as soon as the release hit the wires

It isn’t uncommon for someone from the media relations or recruiting staff to run those Twitter accounts. For instance, Wes Johnson had an account at Mississippi State and doesn’t have one now.

In scrolling through Chavis’ Twitter account, that looks like one handled by someone in the media relations or recruiting office at Texas A&M. It was created in January 2015 when he was hired there.

The offensive staff will be:

Jeff Traylor - Running Backs
Dustin Fry - Offensive Line
Justin Stepp - Receivers
Barry Lunney - Tight Ends

Maybe he is contacting recruits instead of worrying about his Twitter account.

I would hope so - I would also hope our football support staff changes his twitter page so people that decide they want to follow him aren’t greeted with that hideous Gaggie maroon.