Now it is on to Maui!

Got to see The Hogs beat ole miss in a cold night in Fayetteville while watching the Pacific roll in at 75 degrees. Completed a great 3 days on TheGarden Isle. Now over the Maui early in the AM to see just what Muss is cooking up.


Short report would be nice Jim. Don’t rub it in to much, LOL

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Not rubbing it in too much. I told Pam how cold it could in Fayetteville, and it is still a lot of fun to be ole miss, especially slime.

Now I am really looking forward to getting over to Maui and seeing these new Hogs, but today does help!

Got all my Hog stuff laid out to put on in morning. I think it is a 35 minute hop over there. Had a great time as always here. Really a special place


Stuck in DIA. Plane is broke down. Going to be a long long day.

The last time I went to Maui, the plane in San Francisco was broke, and there was a storm

Wound up landing in Maui after 4AM. Fortunately one of the car agencies had stayed open awaiting the flight.

Got to Kaanapali shortly before sunrise

Wish I was home. Maybe could help you guys. Had same issue when we left for Kauai on Wed. About 3 hr delay. Good luck

Got to MAui this AM. Checked out site. Beautiful day here. If you get hung up at OGG, give me a call

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Enjoy the trip. Especially the nice weather.

We are at Maui Brewing in Kihei, in hog uniform, if anyone wants to come up on this hill

We are at Waikiki. That is where the road from the airport makes the hard right turn along ocean. We got hung up in the big traffic screw up and fire this afternoon. Where is your place

We were returning from Kaanapola, after stopping at Leona’s for pie, when we got hung up for an hour due to that same brush fire. Only one road back; if it’s closed you have no choice.

I have been to Maui before and I remember their 6 hours behind us so are we playing at 10:00 a.m. local?? If so Texas Tech and Creighton play at 8:00…wow!

5 hrs Eastern time. It is 8 here, 1, eastern. 4 hrs to game

Oh ok… thanks