Now it gets real. What will team look like

So Ricky and Nick are gone. Devo testing waters. AB likely gone. Walsh unknown. Leaving some major holes and potential major more holes.

Wonder what we look like next season where we all hope for a deep ncaa tourney run.

With Devo and Walsh most likely back and the portal guys coming in and freshman class coming, I believe will be ok.

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What we especially want with Devo and Walsh coming back is, from day 1 of practice, demonstrating and expecting INTENSITY on defense. That’s our hallmark, and that is what any transfer buys into when he commits–intensity above anything else.


I know several here loved our new bigs for this season. But, I felt our achilles heal was limited reliable scoring and defense from the 5 position. We just gave up too many easy points and we seemed to struggle in getting easy points. So, get a big strong big who can shoot 6 footers.


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