Now introducing Patrick Wicklander

Patrick Wicklander Freshman LHP from California

First time pitching for Arkansas and it was smooth!!

3 batters faced… 3 Strikeouts… all on 10 pitches in
top of the 6th.

Looking forward to seeing more on him, so far so good.

He has done that every time I have watched him pitch. He is a strikeout machine. He had a scrimmage in the fall when he had eight strikeouts in 3 2/3 innings.

has to be the Sunday starter b/c IMO you need a LH in there but he is really good.

He might get the Thursday start against USC.

We were typing our posts about Wicklander at the exact same time. Mine was posted at 2:39. Yours at 2:40. Maybe I type faster.

Who will travel with the team to get the news back to everyone?

No one is going to LA. Seldom do we travel in the regular season. No one has budgets for that kind of travel any more. I’m looking at going to one non-conference road series. I’ll let you guess to where.

Man he looked good! He was filthy that first inning he was in.

My guess is that Wicklander will start the midweek game against Memphis on Feb. 27, and if he does well he might be promoted to the weekend in time for SEC play.

I’m going to be there. I can’t write for WHS, but I will probably post some while there.