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I read this morning from Clay Travis that there’s a “75% chance that Lane Kiffin is on staff with Orgeron next year at LSU”.

Is this really a big deal, other than media noise and should I care?

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He actually was quoting from Bruce Feldman, a fellow FOX guy…I think it’s a big deal. That basically would cover offense, defense, and recruiting. HUGE get if it happens…plus it hurts Alabama (maybe)

I wonder if it does hurt Alabama. Steve Sarkisian is a good offensive mind. Figure he’s next in line and has been there for a few weeks.

I think everyone here knows how shrewd Saban is. Hiring Steve Sarkisian is just more evidence of that. Well immersed in the offense by now and can just plug him in a go, with out a hitch.

Saban has to know how well Kiffin is doing and that it would likely lead to job a offer this year that he would not turn down. The only surprise for me, if he goes, is that it’s as OC (and probably “something-head coach” to give him even more money.) He still may not be ready (in his mind) to take over a program just yet.

And it is probably easier working with Coach O than Coach S.

I remember reading from people who watched the famous Pete Carroll staff at USC that in the offensive brain trust saying Kiffin was kind of a throw in. Chow and Sarkisian would scheme the game and Kiffin would make the sandwich runs. Whether this is true or not, it is possible that he might have learned something along the way, but I am not sure that the talent overload he enjoyed at Alabama gives us a real insight into his prowess. Of course if he goes to LSU, he won’t be void of talent there either.

I wonder too. Is Kffin so good because Saban and the Bama program is so good? I think Kiffin is given way too much credit becuase it is Bama. They were winning NC’s before Kiffin got there.

I personally think Saban’s D will own Lane. He will certainly know his playbook

Kiffin’s playcalling has kept Bama’s opponents in the game until halftime. Then Saban tells him at halftime to stop screwing around and start running the ball and go vertical with the passing game. Then Bama starts putting on the beatdown.

So…no, him going to LSU isn’t a big deal. I think Saban might even encourage him to go.

Precisely, I think he wants him to go and that’s why he brought in Sark.

With Saban there nothing but the death penalty hurts Alabama.
It certainly would help LSU, for a year or two.

Kiffin goes only if Saban says so, which I think he may, like Clay said he has Sark in the wings, but on the flip side Kiffin will know what it takes to beat Bama’s defense and will have the talent to do it.

Very interesting turn of events to say the least, IF it happens.
Is there a clause in Kiffins current Bama Contract?

I wondered about that as well, you’d figure he would have a non-compete clause (like Enos’). The difference is Kiffin’s contract expires Feb 28, 2017. After signing day, but before Spring Game. So, I’m sure he can show up on Mar 1, and not violate his contract.