Now does anyone

know how to win at the SEC Elite level?

What about the Dance? Who and how many can actually deliver a few wins in the Dance. What about the Elite 8 or the Final 4?

Thoughts anyone? It has to be noted that wholesale changes are for a reason right?

When you go to fight and take a whipping you better take notes! Muss took notes 2 years in a row! He’s is putting a roster together to be able to compete. It doing so he is giving himself options at every position.
The bully ball Duke put on the hogs Muss has went to the portal to add some players that can work down low
And the incoming freshmen from high school are really good players.
The days of watching a player sit on the bench for 4 years is over if they can’t help the team win.

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The games are called differently in the NCAAT, especially when you move past the first 2 rounds. I’m ok with that … anytime the outcome can be decided by the players and not the zebras is a good thing. While watching JWill and JD continually get hammered by Duke’s bigs with no calls, Muss was already thinking about how to change the makeup of the team for next year’s rematch.



Muss has coached 3 years in the SEC. I would bet that he has learned about what is required to win in the SEC and also what it takes to make the Final Four.

Looking at our new roster, it has a lot more size in the front court and an extremely talented collection of top 100 high school players. Muss still loves the 6’6” players.and that has been a very successful model.

I think the dominant front court of Duke was clearly a wake up call and that we need to add athletic bigs in the front court. I expect that we can match up with with the teams that play big and slow and also can excel when teams play up tempo.

I believe that we will definitely be a team with legitimate Final Four ability.


Musselman also coached two years at LSU as an assistant before going to Nevada. So he’s got five years experience in SEC.

Was about to say something similar Clay.
Muss knew what he needed before he got here. But also knew he had to have something that attracted what he needed. He made AR attractive real quick.

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