Now and then as in ahead

I have posted changes coming and some will likely be soon. I want to remind that I also have posted that I think this team will win 9 or10 or more next fall. Just don’t try to make me guarantee it. This program has enough weapons on offense to win 10 games. Now, as I see it, here is the bad news: it is weak enough on defense to lose 10. So, that evens out at 6. No?

What type of changes are you implying? I did not see your prior post.

The most important item on the Big Man’s “to do” list should be to improve recruiting. I like Dan Enos and think he is doing a very good job. I don’t like the style of defense we play…lack of pressure on the quarterback and playing 8-10 yards off the receiver drives me up the wall.

I think we need to recruit a dual threat quarterback. Like Ole Miss, Louisville, and Alabama have. With our tailback talent…that would be pretty tough to defend.