Now 8 of 11 Top 25 and 4 of Top 5 lose on the road

And most of these losses have been by 9 points or higher. Arkansas has plenty of company. Every road win in college basketball is to be treasured.

The thing to watch is a trend rather than a few games.

And I believe 14 or 15 of the Top 25 lost a game this week. It’s college hoops. I’m not sure our fans look around, much.

Folks better look around a little. It may be tough to win on the road but that Moo U game was given away. There’s a lot of good teams and you better be ready to play from the tip!
There are no gimmies on the road or at home! I still think the hogs will play better on the road and our bench will improve.
3 teams in the top 5 lost as well. There were some head scratchers though.
LSU may end up being the suprise team in the conference.