Nova, FSU, WVa all lose...solidifies us on the 3 line

Now depends on conference tournaments how it shakes out but we are actually in a position to move to a 2 if we make the finals and another team or 2 falters

WE are talking great teams.

This is what I have been waiting for sense the early 70"s.

Eddie bumped us UP and then what we all have been waiting for with Nolan
in the 90’s. 30YEARS is that right? Not just the early 90’s but being in ALL CONVERSATIONS every year…

SO TO EVEN be in the conversations is where we should be every year.

Are we going to be a 2, a 3 OR maybe a 4. NOT that bubble talk. Now it’s a few games in a rolw that the talking heads said could you imagine 18,000 0r 19,000 fans in this pace?

Well I can , been there done that it’s just unbelievable!!

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We could be a 2 tomorrow if Houston loses.

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Cannot believe what is happening to Nova. A solid top 5 team, gets their star PG Colin Gillespie hurt and out for the season on Wednesday, so it is then up to Justin Moore to carry Nova, next thing you see is Moore being helped off the floor today and return to the bench in street clothes and a boot. Wonder if they have lost Moore too. It us like taking Moody and Smith off the Razorback team, Basketball gods are mad at Nova.

I honestly think we should be. There is no doubt in my mind that we are better than the Fighting Reggie Chaneys. None.

WVU getting beat by OSU without Cade Cunningham was a huge surprise

Nova has had enough great fortune. The perfect game against Georgetown. Kris Jenkins at the buzzer. I hate it for the guys who got hurt, but the school and the fans? Nah.

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