Notre Dame

Even the Pope is booing them.


I hate to say it, but this proves experience does matter when it comes to coaching.

Marshall 26-21 final… tough start for the new coach.

That’s what I herd. :laughing:

Frankly, it has taken me 87 years to see Notre Dame this bad.
I realize football is not supreme in importance, but I feel wonderful seeing them lose like they have so far.

It’s just a game guys.

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I was really surprised by the Marshall win, but I called my buddy ( a UGA fan) and told him that I have a feeling App St. bursts A&M’s bubble.

So far, it’s still looking possible.

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Yeah very possible they have enough speed to make big plays

A couple more weeks like this … they may very well fall out of the Top Ten.


Aggies just got lucky because app State dropped an easy touchdown but did kick the go-ahead field goal.17-14 App St 7 min left


App St OL whipping Aggies high $ DL have flat out control the line of scrimmage this second half.17-14… very impressive win…

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Never sell a Mathew McConahey coached team short!

I thought Notre Dame’s leadership made an emotional, knee-jerk hire last year when it was blindsided by Kelly leaving. I can’t imagine Freeman lasts long there.

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Unless Kelly gets his act together, he may not last long in Red Stick.

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Well, if ND gets bad enough, Saint Urban is only a phone call away.

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Think he recruited a great class. He will most likely get his four years…even faust the hs coach they hired got 5 years to implode.

I think there was a lot more patience when Gerry Faust coached.


Any Saturday that ends with a Norte Dame loss is a good thing.


There’s about to be a 12-team playoff and ND is going to expect to be there most if not every year. Starting 0-2 ain’t gonna get it done.

Freeman is the first ND coach to start 0-3 EVER (remember he coached the bowl game last year).

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