Notre Dame will play its first home game on Peacock

For those who don’t know, Peacock is NBC’s streaming app that costs around $5 per month. It has been a necessity during the Olympics if you want to watch events live.

I think you’re going to see a lot more moves like this to push sports fans toward paying for services above the cost of their cable/satellite/streaming service, which in turn will help the TV networks recoup the money they spend for exclusive rights.

Arkansas’ first football game against Rice is going to be on ESPN+, but for this year you won’t need an ESPN+ account. You can also access the game through the SEC Network+ digital channel, similar to how most baseball games are shown.

In the future, an ESPN+ subscription is going to become necessary if you want to watch all of Arkansas’ football and basketball games (and perhaps more sports). I think the Razorbacks will be required to have some basketball games on ESPN+ in the upcoming season.

Big 12 games will be streamed on the Dead Duck network.



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I believe there will be no penalties for downward horns signals in the Big 12 this year. But if the Sooner Schooner flips over, there will be penalties.

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Oh that’s good

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