Notre Dame TE transfer visiting Hogs

Cane is the one I mentioned yesterday but didn’t say his name.

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Wonder why he didn’t play, lingering affects of injury?

The article said he had a torn ACL mid-way through his freshman season. Full recovery, mentally and physically, can be in excess of a year. He was a top 50 recruit and the #1 TE-H in the country coming out of high school. The article also said he played at the TE position as a true freshman before his ACL injury.

This could be a GREAT pick up for the Hogs. Hopefully our new TE coach and pull this off!

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Missed Cane this morning. I’m told Arkansas is in a good spot with him.

We sure need an SEC level experienced TE. He certainly seems like a great candidate.

Richard, do we take the ND TE or the North Texas TE? Or is it whichever one commits first? Or do we take both?

Curious about this also.

Whether he comes to Arkansas or not, hope that he has made full recovery from his ACL & not experience a recurring injury. Sounds like he has great talent. He would be a welcome & needed addition for the Hogs.

I think you take them both

Not a 100% on that just yet.

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It will be only one TE.

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Must mean good news on Easter

I hope this is the case.

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