Notre Dame series

There’s obviously a lot of doubt about whether football will be played this fall. I personally can’t see it happening but would love to be wrong if we could do it and do it safely.

So the Hogs will lose their opportunity to go to South Bend if there’s no football. Any speculation as to what that might do to the two-game series? I know Notre Dame is scheduled to come to Fayetteville in 2025. Any possibility we’re able to keep that game in 2025 and go to South Bend another year? (I know Notre Dame and Arkansas both schedule several years in advance.)

I know I’m not the only person who’s been looking forward to finally playing the Irish.

I don’t see that the 2025 schedule would be impacted this far out – unless ND uses this as an excuse to weasel out of the home and home entirely, the same way Michigan did so they could play ND.

ND seems to be full for 2021, as we are (we’re playing Rice and Texass). ND does have an opening for 2022. We don’t (road trip to BYU that year), but I could see dumping MoState to make room for the Irish. Or even dump BYU, trading one church school for another. ND also has openings in 2023 and 2024 but we don’t.

It’s possible that the 2020 game at South Bend could be rescheduled after 2025. It’s also possible that the 2020 season gets played in the spring of 2021. A game at Notre Dame Stadium in February might be interesting.

Arkansas isn’t going to dump an FCS game to add Notre Dame. They are going to play an FCS team every year until they are told not to. It’s the easiest path to bowl eligibility.

I think the most likely scenario is that Arkansas and Notre Dame would keep their 2025 game and attempt to find another year to play in South Bend.

If no games are played this year, plenty of teams are going to be looking to restructure their schedules. It could be that some series are dropped, but that some potential series come open in the process.

I hate seeing this game cancelled. My daughter, son-in law, and I were going. I grew up about 20 minutes from Notre Dame. My daughter has never seen my old “stomping grounds”, so we were using this game as an excuse to go there and spend a couple days in northern Indiana.

Even if it is played, it will probably be without any fans in attendance. If we lose the entire season, I sure hope we can reschedule this game.

True. Big Ten discourages its schools from playing FCS teams, but I see Purdue is playing Indiana State in the near future and Indiana is playing Idaho, although that may have been scheduled before Idaho dropped down. SEC isn’t there yet and may not get there. Pac-12, ACC and the Little Dozen all allow FCS as well.

We were also really looking forward to the ND game. I’ve never been to Chicago and the wife’s college roommate lives there. We were going to head up Mon or Tues and spend a few days, then head over to South Bend. Hopefully the summer goes better than this spring has, and we get to go as planned.

Who knows what happens next year? Maybe there is a spring season.

We are gonna play football this fall. Colleges cannot give up the revenue and people are ready for sports. There will be another spike. The President will get blamed (he knows it and anyone with a brain knows it). Meds are showing great promise. We have to adapt and continue moving forward. Most deaths are people over 65 with other health issues. Just stating the facts not saying its ok that they are dying. They need to stay at home as log as possible. No vaccine is going to be 100% if we use the flu vaccine as a guide. One third of the cases and deaths in the U.S. are from NY. Immunity will free us from this virus. This virus is gonna make its way through the population. How fast is the question.

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