Notre Dame series update

Our return trip to South Bend has been confirmed for 2028.

Here is a little more info:

I plan to visit Notre Dame tomorrow since we’re in the RV about 30 miles away. A beautiful campus and who could not love Touchdown Jesus. It’s been years since I was there and wanted the wife to see the campus.

Never have rooted for them. Probably would if they played Texass.

Great time of year to visit and see their campus. It is beautiful, but stay out of South Bend.

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Yep. I had business in South Bend over 25 years ago. It kinda reminded me of Pine Bluff. Maybe not that bad but certainly not good.

Well, you are in the cradle of RV manufacturing up there. I bet 60-70% of all RVs are built in N. Indiana. And, South Bend is just fine. Not a bad town at all. Studebaker Museum is cool. Good minor league ball park. ND, of course. All of that.

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That is beyond reason, which is not a good sign.

Well, ok. I might need you to expand a little on that.

The RV plants here are massive. We visited the RV Hall of Fame this week. Really informative and interesting about the growth of RV’s. There is also a huge Mennonite/Amish community here. Lots of horse drawn buggies on the road.

I have two sisters that have lived in Mishawaka and Elkhart for over sixty years and over a dozen additional relatives through the years. You are wrong with your
unreasoning comments regarding South Bend, probably knowingly so. I don’t think you are ignorant of the truth. So, in this instance, I think you are pathologically mired in your necessity to shore up your PC world view.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I’ve been up there plenty and happen to like it. Good gracious. Why does politics — “PC world view” whatever the hell that is — infiltrate something like this? I suggest you curb your appetite to lash out. And, BTW, I bet LDHog liked it up there too. Good people up in Northern Indiana.

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A bit of misdirection there. You are not ignorant of the reality of the divisions within our country nor of “duh, what does PC world view even mean”. It’s with us with every breath we take. I worked summers in factories. Many people I have known for decades warm me and others about how much worse SB has gotten in the last forty years. Talk about sports. You are drowning in your mental dissonance. I am excited we are playing a series with ND and, God willing, I will be in their storied stadium when we play there. Even when they are down the name Notre Dame commands respect.

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