Notre Dame joining ACC for 2020 season

Does this mean we’ll get to play them in September? Maybe. There’s interest in preserving SEC-ACC games of which this is now one. Nine or 10 league games and one NC?

This is a proposal, but as of now I don’t think it has been formally approved.

I listened to the spin from the Notre Dame insider who seems to place an extremely high value of the credibility that the Irish bring to the ACC football wise, but if my memory serves me correctly there are multiple ACC schools who have won the “big football” since the Irish have. All that said, they do bring a fan base that is huge.

I guess the Irish are big enough to use the ACC when it is convenient and be independent when that works better. Kind of reminds me of the Big 12 and their deal with the devil (Longhorns). Not sure the Big 12 is as content with that deal now and wonder how the ACC will like the arrangement with the Irish if it becomes a short-term fling?

If I were the ACC, I think I’d use this to force ND to join the conference completely or stay independent. ND is running out of leverage. It’s not the same world as it was when it could go it alone.

ACC likes this semi-membership because they get guaranteed home games which draw very well but don’t have to worry about ND winning the league title. Full membership isn’t practical as long as ND has its NBC deal. In 2020 they might win the title although it’s unclear if they could win the Orange Bowl bid for the conference.

This will be highly interesting to watch. It has the chance to be the kind of problem for the ACC that Texas is for the Big 12. The Longhorn Network should have never happened. What will happen to the NBC contract with Notre Dame. I’m guessing nothing. Well, that’s a bad deal for the ACC.

I’m thinking it’s all theoretical about 2020, anyway. We might have some sort of football season, but I’ll be surprised if there are enough games crown a champion or allow automatic bowl bids. I suppose we can get enough of a handle on the virus by December or January that bowls could be played, but I’m not counting on it.

Why does Notre Dame, in the middle of Big 10 Country not join that conference? Are they afraid of the competition or will the TV contract eliminate them from joining?

Maybe the B1G is smarter than the xii - ii. Having special rules for one team “within” a conference is counter-productive.

From ND’s perspective, they’re probably better off without a conference. At least that’s been historically true. They have their own very lucrative contract with NBC. They don’t have to share that revenue with anyone. They have enough national following that it hasn’t really hurt them in terms of the polls, bowl games, the NCS, or anything else.

I agree with Marty that the BIG is smart not to make special rules for ND. The ACC thinks it needs ND’s credibility, I suppose.

Big Ten offered ND a membership in 1999. Irish said no thanks; they already had the NBC deal by then. IIRC Notre Dame asked to join the B1G several decades ago and was turned down. They like their independence and the ACC tie helps with scheduling, plus ND is a full member in everything but football. This will be a one time deal and ND will go back to independence when we return to normal programming.

I would love to see ND go 0-11 every year.

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I have often wondered who watched Notre Dame football on NBC…the alumni and all the Catholics across the country, plus other random fans? How can that generate enought viewers to make it viable for the network? I guess I don’t understand how they got a national TV deal? They have been just another Top 20 team, for the most part, the past couple of decades. Is it just the legacy of what they used to be?

Here’s a look at Notre Dame’s TV ratings during the 2018 season, when they were very good, from an ND site. His conclusion: the audience is ND fans and fans of the opponent for the most part. They get about 2.2 million viewers no matter who the opponent is, and the opponent’s fans fill in the rest.

Then a 0-36 record for them over the next three years would be great, 0-60 for five years would be even better.
That team and the Horns could tie with each other at 0-60
and that would be even better.

And if Texass played Notre Dame, I’d be rooting for a selective meteor strike, just big enough to wipe out a stadium/campus.*

Speaking of campus, ND has less than half the enrollment of UA but the campus is three times as big. So it would have to be a little larger meteor.

  • – I’M KIDDING. Sorta
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ND has a beautiful campus, only positive thing I can come up with for them. That and I have two sisters living within twenty miles of their campus.

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