Noticed when I re-watched Cincy game

I had the thought that it was a Cincy broadcast, given the lean towards them from the announcers and camera shots of their coach, players, and bench I thought I even heard a “we” from them once, unless I imagined it

Well anytime Kentucky plays they get all the hype so it’s just a warm up for that treatment

Zay’s stats in the minors this season.

wow, good numbers but only 19.1 innings, he must have been out, and those few innings sounds like he has been thru a surgury recovery.

I reached out to Parry. He said Zay had surgery for a cracked elbow in the middle of the summer, one day before he was promoted to AA. The injury, said the surgeon, was 5 years old because of the scar tissue. He’s throwing again and likely will pitch in Little Rock this summer. That will give folks chances to see him pitch in many places (Little Rock, Springdale, Springfield).

Cracked elbow is a lot better than a cracked UCL.

That’s awesome I am so proud of him,he improved probably as much as anybody I’ve seen in a long time… thanks for the report

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