Noticed Tom Hart

Giving another plug Tuesday night. That oughta help Sloppy’s click rate.

But it is a heckuva site. I go there frequently. If I cite stats from a previous game, I probably got them there.

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Is sloppy making a living doing this? Is so, where is the revenue coming from.

Btw, I’m a follower and big fan of him?

Who is sloppy?

Sloppy used to post on the Pigpen, IIRC, and years ago here. Great source of info. Then I found HogStats and then later found out HogStats=Sloppy.

HogStats has a donation link. I don’t know if he gets any income from hits or not. There is a Yahoo search link on the site as well. The site says he does it as a hobby but would appreciate some help with the expenses.

I used to know his real name but can’t remember it now. Sucks getting old…

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He started on message boards as Sloppy. Recently, he’s been interviewed by Steve Sullivan on KATV, David Bazzil on The Buzz and Hart mentioned him the other night during the game.

He now sits on press row at games.

Check out Hogstats on Twitter.

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That’s where I first got started was on the pig pen a million years ago and now that you mentioned that I do remember it… I think you used your real name back in those days and I have no idea what my name would have been LOL. Thanks

Thank you guys

Yep I did use my name. I was an admin back then and darn near became THE admin (very long story) before Booth sold it to what eventually became 247. Funny thing was, CBS Sports shot down the transaction back then and now CBS owns 247.

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Wow! Pretty cool!

Actually the story isn’t all that long. The guys who started and still run, a Virginia fan site, wanted to build a network of college news/fan sites across the country under the Sportswar banner. They had acquired two or three others before they got to Booth. They were going to get CBS to invest and then really go national. Booth wanted to get out of running the board because, among other things, John Robert Starr of the Demozette was giving him crap for doing the Pigpen on state time (which was untrue, but Starr never worried much about truth); Booth was a state employee at the time (may still be). I was basically going to run the content side of the Pen after the sale and my wife was also going to be on the payroll.

But at the final meeting with CBS to nail down the deal, CBS backed out, the Virginia guys backed off from Booth and he sold soon afterward. Today’s came from the PigPen.

Just looked over there. Sportswar is still going after all these years, and has like 8 sites, mostly ACC schools.

When I was involved in the Sportswar stuff, I started a new email address to handle site-related stuff apart from my old AOL mailbox. The AOL addy is long gone, but that other address is still going. I use it for spam and subscriptions but rarely check it unless I get the occasional notification that something I actually want to read popped up. But when I do, it reminds me of that episode. And I did get a laptop computer out of the deal, which was nice. That was my compensation for the whole thing. That laptop died years ago.

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Anyone on here remember the Listserv, started as arkbball, ended up the Hawgtalk listserv. . . . . . would’ve been 90-96 roughly?

Yep, I was on that. I believe being on that led me to the old KARK board which led me to the PigPen. I also think that’s where I first encountered Petunia Pig.

Well without identifying myself by name, I started arkbball and Hawgtalk. . . . initially ran it on a machine at the law school when I worked there.

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I was just glad there was a website to converse with other hog fans…I used to call Rick Schaefer two or three times a year and talk Razorback sports, recruiting etc. He was always so nice to take my call. A friend of mine had to show me how to use the computer when I first got on pigpen LOL I had no clue about anything, I’m glad he was very patient with me… I was blown away that I could talk sports to other hog fans. Thought that was the coolest thing.

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In the day, Booth lived about 8 houses down the street from me. That sounds so long ago…during the internet birth.

Whatever happened to Booth Rand after he sold the Pig Pen?

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