Noticed something on replay of the TCU OT

On our first play of OT2, Reed ran a jet sweep and was knocked out of bounds after getting a first down. Ref set the ball down on the sideline about a ball length outside the 10. But when they spotted it on the hash mark, they put it right on the 10, making it first and goal. Turned out not to matter, but with the original spot AA could have gotten a first down inside the 1 even if Ragnow doesn’t push him over the line.

Exactly. I do wonder if the off side official came in with a better spot, otherwise it was a very suspicious spot when the official placed it down on the hash.

The official who spotted it on the sideline was about three feet away when Reed went out of bounds, so he had a very good view of the spot. The guy who set it on the hash was looking toward the sideline but just didn’t put the ball in the right place.

Honestly, I thought Reed stepped out somewhere near the 12 or 13. Don’t believe they showed a replay.