Noticed our 3-man rush tends to stay in their lanes --------------

-------------------- and the really intriguing line stunts tend to be in the 4-man rush. Williams and Ridgeway command a double team and sometimes, especially with Williams, that is not enough. Utsey didn’t defeat his single blocker much, but he stayed in his lane and did collapse the pocket well. We don’t seem to have much drop off when Nichols and Carter come in at noseguard. We need our depth at defensive end to keep on coming on. It will be a long season and even Williams needs to take a break sometimes.

With UGA’s running game, I suspect we will see more 4-man rush and 3-man with a blitzing LB or Safety, particularly on the side opposite Williams.

We are going to need our offense to generate some drives and some points, probably at least 24, to beat UGA. We showed we are better than A&M. Now, we find how how much better that is. Go Hogs.

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