Noticed no end of game hand shakes

I noticed ORU just walked away, no hand shakes from the players nor did I see any between the coaches. Is that something that’s just not done because of Covid these days? Though I swear, I saw Tech players congratulating Arkansas players after that game. I realize its a hard loss for them by 2 points when they had the lead most of the game, still its a sportsmanship issue.


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I don’t think they were interested in pleasantries after their dreams came up two points and one missed shot short. Can’t say I blame them. Get off the court and don’t watch us celebrate.

I do not think there have been hand shakes often after hoops games this season.

Probably an option thing per player. If you feel comfortable, go for it kinda thing.But at the same time realize the down side could end up being very costly…especially from the Sweet Sixteen going forward.

I thought Abmus was going to make that shot. What a look for him from just outside the arch. Didn’t think he would get that close to the three point line.

VERY IMPRESSED with our coaches and Team tonight with this win while Moses was not having an offensively impressive game. Even so, his presence on the floor at any time is invaluable.

They’re not supposed to do hand shakes this year. That’s pretty much been the custom all year, safety protocols. Sometimes it gets done anyway, but ORU was pretty devastated

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