Noticed Liddell

is second team and looks like two true freshmen backing up Wallace at RT…

Ramirez and Coley got most, if not all, the starter safety reps. Liddell played some nickel and safety with the second unit. Obviously just one day, but he didn’t really do a whole lot.

Josh Liddell was second string coming out of the spring. That was not a surprise today. Ramirez and Coley have been starters since middle of spring drills and nothing has changed.

After watching two QBs run over Liddell, and a lot of other poor tackling attempts, I definitely understand the need to put more physical guys back there. The Safety position should be a force. Just hope Ramirez and Coley tighten their coverage liability and learn to wrap up. Their physicality can’t be questioned, they bring the wood.

The wood needs to come from every player on defense. Liddell is not the only player that has had poor attempts of tackling. I want to see aggressive play in games. That’s when it counts. They have to be better than last year. At least we won’t suffer through wanting on the opponent to stop themselves. This defense will blitz and not be passive!

Josh is an alum of my High School - Dollarway located in Pine Bluff. My friends back home have said Josh is a great young man from a fine family of educators. He was pushed into action as a freshman because we were very, very thin in the secondary. He was a late recruit I assume to fill a hole. It seems to me that its a good sign when Josh has moved behind players younger than him. That would indicated to me better talent being recruited. That is a good thing IMO.