Noticed in Scottie's story

That Muss thinks we may start playing more than 2 games a week to make up some of the games missed with COVID. We’re only short one game with A&M, but with the Aggies short FIVE games, they have more to squeeze in than just us. And that’s if we don’t have anything else knocked out this month.

If that’s the case, depth is gonna be really important. Who knows, Ethan may actually get off the bench occasionally.

I think the SEC has already started that with the women. For example, UT Lady Vols are scheduled now for 5 games between tonight and Sunday, Feb. 21. The men can’t be far behind.

The women have a bit more urgency because their tournament starts a week earlier on March 3. The men may be in the same boat next week.

That is obvious.

I noticed the league office announced just today that the TN-Moo U women’s game had been rescheduled next Tuesday. I guess that kind of flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants method is what they have to do. A&M men have all these games to make up and still can’t get back on the court. Even if A&M plays three games a week starting Monday, they don’t have time to play every game before the SECT.

The Sunday game with aTm women is also a rescheduled game from an earlier cancellation jeff.

aTm men have a lot of games to make up, since they still aren’t playing. Wonder if they even make the SEC Tourn.
KY misses one game because of COVID but plays 3 days later.

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