Noticed Dudley saying season, so far, has not effected our commits.................

…but it could effect one or more of the additional commits we are hoping for. I was really glad to see Cheyenne O’Grady make two big plays against A&M. It is important for us to show how a talented pass catching tight end can be heavily used in this offense. We have the best tight end in the country down to us and Stanford in Henry. If we can get him excited about CCM’s offense using the tight end well, he would be a nice addition to our receiving corps.

It’s good to see that it hasn’t started effected the class yet. I don’t think it will. These guys seem like they want to be apart of the rebuild.

If you’re a guy catching the ball, you want to go where there’s other threats at TE or WR so there’s no doubling up. This class ought to encourage Hudson.