Noticed as the Scores came in

that many, perhaps most teams favored had a difficult time early on with “lessor” teams. don’t know what that means for us other than we were not alone with sloppy play in the first half.

I think it could be the prevalence of “super seniors” all around, mainly in smaller schools. Those guys can help equalize.

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Montana, which is FCS, beat a Top 25 team at Washington. Is U-Dub overrated? I would say so, but still.

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Washington was definitely overrated I think and Montana made it to the quarter finals in FCS last year.

I think you might be onto something with super seniors. 23 year old men playing against 18-20 year olds. Even if the younger ones have more talent and potential, they’re not as developed.

I’m curious in Texas. They won by almost an identical score as us and I didn’t see any of the game or highlights. Any thoughts on their game?

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I think Texas is solid, but not a power. I watched just the highlights. They have a few real talents (back and defensive end), but don’t appear to be vintage Texas. Like the Hogs, they took some licks from a good, weaker opponent. I am guessing that the Cajuns are better than the Owls. That would be the one thing I’d say about comparing the two games. But having said that, I respect the way Bloomgren is building the Rice program. They play sound fundamental football. Very few mistakes, but lack top talent.

Noticed Rice had a seventh year senior on the OL (he ought to have two masters degrees by now). La-La has an EIGHTH year guy, also an offensive lineman.

Little Rock’s Luc Bequette, son of Chris and figure skater Debi Thomas, is back at Cal for his seventh year of college football. He’s been in college so long he played with Jared Goff.

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