Noticed after Game

Always enjoy watching Sam after game in Locker Room. He is so good. Win and it was the kids doing well. Lose and he did not coach well enough.

What I noticed in the locker room was how the team are now taking wins as just how it is suppose to be. Sure, they are excited to win, but there is not a lot of jumping around. I think that is a good thing as a sign of an improving program.

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I agree that winning should become the expected standard and that appears to be case. Winning on road in difficult places the last two weeks is another sign of that.

Winning! It takes time to get recruit your own players. It takes being a good man to get young men to believe in you as a coach and also believe you will take care of them! Sam Pittman is humble and cares about the players! That’s the first thing he accomplished when he took over on the hill!
The old saying “when in charge take charge comes to mind.

As disappointing as the A&M loss was, I loved what Sam Pittman said after the game. “The sad thing is we lost. The good thing is that we’re not used to it.”


Sam Pittman is as down to earth head coach as they come, humble and believable. He tells it like it is and gets players to buy in as a team for a common goal. WPS



I still think about one of CSP’s early statements.
“I don’t know if I’m doing it the right way, but I am doing it my way”
I really like his way.


In the Hog Pod interview with Haselwood, Bo asked him about CSP and how he runs the program.

Coach Pittman is like, he’s pretty old school, but he’s a cool … When people hear old school they think like mean and stuff like that. He’s very structured. … He trusts his players. … A lot of coaches around the nation they don’t really like believe or trust their players outside of the facilities. I feel like he understands … that we are young men.

There is more, but he ended it with “and I love him.”


When we beat LSU and Ole Miss I think you will see a lot more jumping and dancing around and I am sure Larry will be out in full force the next 4 weeks.

I’d almost forgotten about old Larry. Let’s get him out Saturday and then put him away for another year. Hopefully in the future bowl qualification will be no big deal, just something we do in October on the way to something bigger.


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