Nothing about this team suggests an NCAAT team

what a horrific performance at both ends.

First time I have seen them play,

I’m shocked.

Problems well beyond shooting,

Can’t handle the ball.

seems program still lacks point guards

And the poor d is beyond shocking

I’m beginning to understand close game against UT Dallas Tech the other day

Man I hope this first half was an aberration or program is in jeopardy of being 1-5 for NCAA tournament

Even if I factor in the new faces, I have to ask: What have they been doing in practice all fall??? Disgusting

It’s simple. He wins at least one in the ncaat or he’s gone.

I’m starting to think the problem is CMA. I’ve always been a fan of his and rooted for him to succeed. However, I’m starting to think he just can’t coach. Nothing seems to ever change. It’s the same old issues…game after game after game. I sure hope he proves me wrong.

One game. Bad effort.

They are better than last year.

And the Fort Wayne team that Arkansas beat is tied with No. 1 Indiana 68-68 in overtime.

I’m leaning that way, too.
Same old stuff.
Cannot rebound, inconsistent shooting, opponents go into the lane all the time with little opposition,
press get broke easily. Someone forces us into half court offense and defense and we struggle mightily.

I so hope you are right.

It’s not that simple. Barring a total collapse (like a worse record than last year), he’ll be back for 2017-18 regardless of whether they make the NCAA Tournament. The recruiting job he has done in the '17 class is as important to the future of the program as a tournament game this year.

Me too. The team does appear to have better talent. I also see the same issues - lack of rebounding, easy penetration into the lane by the opponent and our press easily broke.

So, let me get this straight…a group of 18-22 year old student-athletes just got their first taste of a hostile environment/road game against a quality team in a quality basketball conference with quality talent and with the exception of an abysmal plus or minus 10 minutes (I agree those minutes were absolutely embarrassing!) played neck and neck (especially in the second half) with a team that was shooting lights out from 3 point land when there was nothing left to play for (the game was out of reach) and didn’t quit AND we should fire Coach Anderson and we’ll never be a quality program and the season is done…right? :lol:

C’mon Hog fans - We all have high expectations for this program. But, let’s all please take a small dose of reality and understanding and allow these young men and the coaches to continue to develop and improve. We have more opportunities to improve in the non-conference. Most notably a game against (currently #22) Texas in Houston.

btw - We came back to beat a UT Arlington team that will be in the NCAAT (of course that was at comfy BWA), we also defeated Fort Wayne who just upset #3 Indiana last night on a neutral court.

There was nothing to indicate high expectations of our first road test - now they should know where they need to improve and work. This team seems to have more athletic pieces - if we can put it all together.

Bad loss - YES!
Sky is falling - NO! Stop it Chicken little…

In your opinion, would you think a seventh year would be justified?

WAAAAAAAY too early to say. If we finish 3-29, of course not. If we finish 39-1, duh. Obviously, the final outcome is going to be somewhere in between. You look at not only the W/L mark, but how the team played overall. A lot of repeats of last night’s first half, not good. A lot of competitive basketball even when we lose, another story. By February you might have a good idea. Not on November 23.

I refuse to hit the panic button over an early season 14 point road loss to a quality opponent. Yeah that was a stinker. No doubt. One game does not a season make however. I doubt the team we see in February will look anything like the team we saw last night.