Notes from tonight's practice in the stadium

Arkansas practiced in shells tonight in Razorback Stadium. Here are a few notes from the 15 minutes I was there:

• The Razorbacks did a team period early on in the viewing portion. Here is the first team offense and defense as best I could tell:

LT: Myron Cunningham
LG: Jalen St. John
C: Beaux Limmer
RG: Brady Latham
RT: Dalton Wagner
QB: Feleipe Franks
RB: Rakeem Boyd
TE: Nathan Bax
WR: Treylon Burks
WR: Mike Woods
WR: Trey Knox

DE: Julius Coates
DT: Isaiah Nichols
DT: Jonathan Marshall
DE: Dorian Gerald
LB: Levi Draper
LB: Andrew Parker
CB: Jarques McClellion
CB: Jerry Jacobs
S: Micahh Smith
S: Jalen Catalon
Nickel: Simeon Blair

• Here is the series of plays that were run:

  • Franks rolled right, could not find an open receiver and picked up a few yards with his feet
  • Franks completed a swing pass to Boyd
  • Franks completed a swing pass to Burks
  • Franks threw incomplete for Woods. There was some miscommunication on the play as Woods ran a go route and it looked like Franks was anticipating an out route to be run
  • Franks got the ball to De’Vion Warren on the perimeter. It was difficult to see through all the bodies, so I’m not certain how the ball found him, whether it was a pass, pitch, etc.
  • Trelon Smith had a pair of short runs as well

• A.J. Reed and Matthew Phillips were working with special teams coordinator Scott Fountain on onside kicks.

• Tight end Blayne Toll was in a green jersey. It is not clear why he is in the non-contact jersey.

• Marcus Henderson, who began the preseason as the second-team left tackle, was with the tight ends again tonight. I thought he looked good in No. 83 and moved pretty well. As Arkansas worked on its quick-hitting passes on the perimeter, Henderson showed some foot quickness and went searching for contact a couple times. He whiffed on one block attempt on the outside, but I was impressed by his first rep.

• We are scheduled to speak with Sam Pittman on Zoom around 9:15 p.m.

Thanks Scottie. So Xavier Kelly wasn’t with 1st team D?

Not from what I saw. I believe he ran with the 2s.

The second D-line was Zach Williams (DE), Kelly, Marcus Miller (DT) and Eric Gregory (DE). I did not get the full second team defense, but that’s how the line was made up. Deon Edwards, Jake Yurachek and Cedric Johnson also got snaps at linebacker.

Where is Bumper?

Stromberg hasn’t been out there in a while, Draper was out for a good while I think, pool not in the starting lineup , we may have some quarantine going on they are not being publicized. I find it hard to believe Kelly will not start.

Agree Youdaman. A ton of personnel Issues may be related to the virus. Has to be a challenge for the staff.

That is my question, too.

There has to be some quarantine stuff going on. Stromberg, Brown, Foucha, and Brooks are obvious starters missing from the 1st team.

I watched all of the defense practice videos i could find from this week and last and Pool is not in any of them that i have seen.

Bumper has not been mentioned by a coach of late.

If we are going to have any starters quarantined, I’m glad it is now and not a week or 2 from now.

If we hope to have a decent season, or any season, these guys better self-quarantine themselves for the next 3 months. We have a chance to pull off some nice upsets if the players do a better job of policing themselves than our opponents do.

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We will find out which teams are good at self discipline.

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