Notes from first practice, Musselman press conference

Injuries from Day 1 of training camp (each player listed was limited Tuesday, except Trey Wade, who was out):

• Jaylin Williams – Dealing with an ankle. He should be returning soon.

• Trey Wade – Injured his right knee. It is a tendon issue and he will be out 4-6 weeks. He has a stabilizer brace on his leg.

• KK Robinson – Continued soreness in his foot. He is working his way back into team activities after he missed a good portion of what the team did the last 12 weeks

• Au’Diese Toney – Soreness in his left knee. Bothered him Tuesday and it limited his action.

• Musselman said he feels like Devo Davis’ form and release is much improved on his perimeter jumper right now. He is more shot ready, his shoulders are square and he’s made headway in becoming a threat beyond the arc. Also mentioned that he does not want Davis to get away from what made him so good as a freshman.

• JD Notae has transformed his body and continued to work toward building on the season he had in 2020-21. Musselman commended Notae’s work ethic, noting that he works out sometimes 3-4 times per day in addition to what the team does together.

“I think he’s really focused to have a great year. We need him to lead in a lot of ways,” Musselman said.

• Stanley Umude had a good summer. Musselman said he is probably the most well-coached transfer of all the newcomers. Umude looked really good in practice and shot the ball well.

• Umude said Davis is probably the most unique player he’s played with. He really likes the sophomore’s playmaking ability and herky-jerky style of play.

• A few things I saw at practice:

  • Jaxson Robinson has a nice jumper. Good stroke, quick release. I think he’ll be a big help to this team.

  • Freshman guard Chance Moore has less of a hitch in his jumper than I recall in the past. There is clearly a learning curve with him, though, as a young guy. Musselman stopped the workout a couple times to instruct/teach him a few different things. He will learn how to practice with greater intensity at the college level. Looks like he is kind of gliding through drills.

  • Devo looked a little bit taller than last year to me. It could have been my eyes deceiving me, but he looks taller and a bit longer. The form on his jumper, as Musselman said above, is a lot better than last season. During his interview, Devo looked super confident and comfortable. This is not to say he wasn’t those things late in his freshman season, but he seems supremely confident. He loved the time he had at the podium.

  • Chris Lykes, as you already know, is lightning quick. I watched him in some defensive drill work and I like the quick feet and hands he plays with.

  • Notae looks very well put together. Like his build, and it’s a result of his hard work in the offseason. Checking his Instagram, he is seemingly always either shooting in the practice gym or in the weight room with a GA.

  • Jaylin Williams, I didn’t see him do much of anything today. But he was vocal with teammates. Once when a teammate messed up during a drill, Musselman called for Williams to tell the team what the right way to do things is.

  • With Kamani Johnson, I don’t know that I thought he wasn’t very mobile, but seeing him in a practice setting for the first time, he can move better than I anticipated. Jumpshot is coming along, but I think he’ll be his best in the midrange area of the floor offensively.


man, thanks so much for that. just can’t wait to watch this team play!

I really really hate to hear that about KK. this may truly be a career-changing issue?

final 4, here we come!


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In the past several years basketball was the medicine to get over the football
Woes. This year it’s nice to have a winning football team and hope we also have another winning year on the court.
I hope everyone get healthy and ready to play the first game.

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And then there’s baseball!

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Great info! Thanks for sharing!

Love this thread! Thanks Scottie for the detailed analyses and info. Matt, thanks for those great videos! It’s so great to be excited about both football and basketball seasons.

Any discussions about our 2 exhibition games and when they might take place. I’d love to see a Friday night exhibition game before our MS State game (11/6). Or maybe on that Saturday before or after the football game. Maybe the red-white game on Friday before the Auburn game, or like the exhibition game, maybe Saturday before or after the Auburn game (10/16).

Regular season opens Nov. 9. That would be a pretty quick turnaround from an exhibition to the first game. The last time we had exhibitions, in 2019-20, it was 11 days from the last exhibition to the first game. I could certainly see one the night before the Auburn game though. Red-White was October 5 that year; that’s only six days from now and nothing has been announced (I’m thinking the schedule for that Red-White had something to do with getting Eddie Sutton here).

I’ve never had season basketball tickets before. I do this year. When will I get them?

About 5 to 7 business days before the first game.

Have you looked in your online Razorback ticket account in the app? They appear as “basketball season tickets with seat numbers”. Mine showed up recently. There’s a statement under them that says "tickets are typically available 48 hours prior to the event ". I think it’s usually earlier than that.

What I don’t know is if all games show up at one time like football. Since there are so many games, I guess they may show up before each game. Maybe someone who knows for sure can comment.

PJ, do they all show up before the first game? Or do they individually appear 5-7 days before each game as the season progresses?

I see that now! Not sure when the last time I looked was, but it wasn’t there before! THANKS!

When they mailed the tickets, they all came together. Not sure what they will do now since all tickets are mobile tickets now. As you know all football tickets for the entire season were available to download at one time. If I have to guess, I think all BB tickets will be available to download at one time.

Of course, the LR game could be an exception. Hope they have scanning capability at Simmons Arena that they did not have at War Memorial.

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