Notes from Arkansas' opener vs. Wright State

Carter came in and did a good job once again we’re going to need people like him to step up and fill in especially now that Brady is going to be out for an extended period of time. He looks like he’s got a better than average fastball with a very nice breaking ball.

Good to see Cali show everybody why he was the best hitter on the team in the fall and the preseason.

We face the dreaded LHP tomorrow hopefully we will be able to show that we can hit them

I’ll be interested in seeing how a couple of our left handed hitters handle a lefty; a couple are very big swingers.

Also what’s the story on Jayson Jones?

Diggs I believe actually hits LH pretty good and I have a little bit more faith in Slavens right now because he’s taking a lot of balls to left field as long as him and Stovall will do that they will have no problem hitting LH it’s when you try to pull everything is when they make it really tough on you.

I think our RH hitters may can do a little better job of hitting them based on what I’ve seen so far the LH from Texas was really good . I hope we can do better this yr against them.

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I’m not real sure what the deal is on Jones I think the probable reality of it is Cali has been the best hitter on the team ever since last fall.He just got off to a little slow start and now that he’s hitting the ball there may not be very many opportunities for Jones. I also am not real sure if he’s as good on defense

Someone asked DVH about him during a presser. DVH asked where he should play him? He would need to beat out a current starter and that doesn’t look likely, at least for now.

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Jayson Jones will start today as the DH.

I think that question you are referencing was about Kendall Diggs playing in the field.

Could easily have been, for some reason I thought it was about Jones.

Hoorah! Homerman.

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