Notebook from Arkansas 5, UNLV 2

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Very impressed with Bybee after the first inning. He showed a mid-90s fastball with a very good sharp breaking ball…Wood has the potential of being a closer or a good setup man if he continues to improve. Morris hopefully gained a good bit of confidence because after he worked off the first inning rust of not throwing for two weeks he looked pretty good…

I’m concerned about the arm problems with Stovall and Cali because they really don’t throw the ball a whole lot in the games it’s not like they’re a pitcher… we can afford to lose Cali a whole lot more than we can Stovall because Coll can hit with anybody on this team and can play 3B if he has to.There’s not a tremendous amount of balls to go to 3B and most of them are direct balls hit right to you or maybe a few steps either direction… I think he’s able to catch those well enough to hold his own.

Van Horn said of the sorenesses yesterday, “It’s kind of what goes on this time of year a lot.”