Notae's off night

I know he had an off night as far as scoring goes. Much credit to LSU defense. That said, I think the refs let everybody be really handsy tonight. That helped LSU more than us I think. Anyways back to Notae…

He only had 12 which is below average, BUT… he had 7 defensive rebounds and 5 assists. That is huge impact in a game we were getting crushed on the glass. He also was 4-4 from the FT line. As it turned out to be game winners…

He had a HUGE impact for an “off” night.


As much as it gives me reflux to say. Wade brought a wrinkle to the game that Muss never ever found a answer for. Effort overcame it in the end. JD wouldn’t have missed those FT’s if they had blindfolded him.


Hmmmm … if a team is bound and determined to take a player out of the game, you simply take what the defense gives you.

Look at the scoring from 10, 5, & 0.

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I agree 100%. Jd did the extra things a PG does. YES yes he’s out of position but we have got to play with the hand we were dealt.

Oh I agree other guys had to hit big shots and did.
But the wrinkle never ever went away it was still working until the end even the last play until the foul.

And it was a foul and there was never a doubt those two FT’s were going in. It was a good move on his part, it was tough to deal with. Almost won him the game. Almost…:grinning:

Muss did try different guys, and different looks but it was just tough, never really got past it. I don’t have a problem, again other than reflux, saying they had a heck of a plan coming in to shut JD down and did a pretty good job of it. Didn’t work on those last 2 FT’s though.

I bet Muss figures out how to beat it and drills it into the team. LSU won’t be the last team to try blitzing him

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Oh yeah, Muss’s eyes will be bleeding from watching this game film and figuring it out. We beat it some, and other guys hit some huge shots, but it was a huge problem all night. We just fought it, hard. Our effort,
sustained unreal effort is, well…unreal.


He better be looking at how they got all of those O rebounds. It would not have been a game if not for that.


Yeah, they slowed JD way down, mauled ius on the glass. But lost. They were without a doubt ready to play and had a great plan though. They definitely play with a chip on their shoulder and payback heavy on their mind.


That’s right Jim and now I know why LSU has been ranked ahead of us much of the season. Pretty good team.

BUT Wade is a sleazeball, jerk…


The real problem in this game was getting on the glass to rebound. It’s a miracle the hogs won! That what Muss has to figure out. Rebound!

I agree 100%. I would rather lose to any other coach in the SEC than Wade. Even Pearl because I hate him for the cheater that he is, but I at least respect his ability to coach and get his players to play hard. I just can’t say the same for Wade. He cheated, he was recorded on FBI tapes, he doesn’t deny it. He should not be coaching. Plus he dresses like sh1t on the sidelines. I am not one that thinks everyone needs to be in a suit, I think dress casual is okay. I like Muss in his polo style shirts, but Wade looked like he was just draped in a big white bed sheet with sweat pants.


Wade is getting use to prison attire! At some point he will end up on one. Being a crook comes back to get you!

He looked like a fat sleazebag. I think my wife understands what I am talking about. She watched him close tonight and agreed.

My 98 year old Mom a little while back (she is gone now) told me she thought he was an A-hole and our coach is such a sweet young man. She was as big a Hog Basketball Fan as there was. Wish she could have seen this run. She did get to see last year. I thank she hung on just for that. Lost her May 1.


Just as my Mom. She died at age 90 5 years ago. I would cut out a schedule of the Hogs BB season. Then a few days later (in my house) would ask if I had a Arkansas BB schedule. I said yes and printed another one out. My mother was Juanita Tucker (gamel) in Siloam Springs. My mother played BB for the high school there. Really that was a long time ago but she played. Any useful info would help…

I guess I need to check her out.

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You can double and triple team but someone else’s open. They “held” Arkansas to 77. LSU fouls.

Wade is one of my least favorite coaches in any sport. But he came up with a good plan last night. And he has recruited (ha ha) some terrific players. Love beating them. Just absolutely love it.


Coach Richardson used to say: “You cut the head off the snake… the body will fall.” or something like that. Wade tried his hardest to do that last night.

Exactly right, JD didn’t have a off night he did all he could, no one is going to score a bunch when you have 2 good defenders covering you. The way to beat this in the future is have Notae ready to focus on being a facilitator that will give us easy high percentage shots and lay ups. They always say take what they give you, we don’t have to have Notae score 20 if his teammates score 20 more points collectively than their average. WPS

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