Notae was toughest in clutch (story)

Here is my commentary after another fun night at Bud Walton Arena:


Very good story Clay. As usual.

First time I’ve written a live column this year. Dudley and Scottie generally have handled it. Was fun to get into the mix for a late night game. I emphasized the toughness. I give LSU credit for playing tough, too. In the end, Arkansas played smarter at the end than LSU. Some of the plays LSU made are typical of what will get you beat in a high level game. I listened to Will Wade after I was done but he said the same thing, that his team just didn’t play smart.

If you are a great coach, you teach your team how to make winning plays and how to eliminate the kind of plays that get you beat in crunch time. It’s not an accident that one team made the right plays and the other did not.

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Excellent analysis, Clay. We are truly blessed with a great coach and tough, smart players. I haven’t felt this confident going into the last few minutes of a game since '94-'95. He and they just never quit. Love this team!

LSU had SEC-Season highs in offensive rebounds and total rebounds - at Arkansas. That was stunning to me.

Good article Clay. Yeah it was a chest thumper last night. They were playing for keeps. Glad we pulled it out

I figure they got tagged for all but fifteen of the fouls they committed.

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