Notae NBA prospects

A bit surprised he is not even mentioned on any of the NBA lists I have seen. He is too short to be a 2 but seems like his instant offense and much improved D could make him attractive as a back up point guard off the bench–i’m guessing he is judged not to have enough PG skills at this point.

JWill on the other hand is slowly marching up the boards (I saw him listed as a second round pick projection on at least 1 site)

how tall was Vinnie Johnson? could Notae be someone’s Microwave?? Man, I loved that Pistons team, and he was so fun to watch. would love to see JD find a role like that in the league.


I’m not surprised at all, I like JD but he’s really not a great shooter, he turns the ball over a lot. He is an incredible competitor but I’m not so sure they see an NBA type talent.


When you have a player who is responsible for generating so much of a team’s offense, he is bound to have some high-turnover games. Kind of comes with the territory. JD has had some games with a high number of potential assists but few actual assists.

He’s still got some room to grow, obviously, with shot selection and decision making, but I really think he’s been terrific shouldering a lot of the load this season. Someone will give him a shot in a camp or something, I believe.

Teams love a guy who can create his own shot and is an instinctive defender. I can’t help but think what he’s capable of once he steps outside the college game, where the floor is so compressed inside the arc.


I think he’ll make an NBA roster one of these days, just not sure when. Will take some sharpening in the G-League/overseas.

Patrick Beverly is 6’1". So he can overcome the height if he keeps improving.

Probably wind up like Mason Jones for a bit. Mason is tearing up the G-League and most pundits are saying he would be a better and cheaper help for the Lakers instead of going for broke in free agency market.
Just bring up and give him a contract.


The reason I don’t think JD will get drafted is because I don’t think he’s as good as Mason Jones. The season Mason had was just absolutely incredible and if he didn’t get drafted I really don’t see them seeing more in JD than Mason,but I’d love for him to make it because I love how hard he plays… we will see but I really don’t expect it.

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Even playing PG in NBA and your 6’2” they want you long and willowy so to speak, long arms and thin seems to be the preference. I think JD will eventually get there just because of his desire and work ethic and he won’t feel the need to do to much. Right now he’s taking the game to the opponent and in the NBA with the talent on wherever he lands will allow him to let the game come to him. Really liked his pass to his teammate for three when the double team attacked him late in game at Mizzou. WPS

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I have no doubt that JD will make a lot of money playing basketball, just not sure about the NBA. I will be pulling for him, regardless. I feel sorry for guys like Al Dillard and Dwight Stewart…they were just born too soon. There would be a spot for both of them in today’s NBA. Just shows Coach Richardson was ahead of his time. Dwight might have been the first “stretch” big, and Al was draining logo balls 20 years before Curry.


Yea why I used Mason as a reference

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Not better than Courtney fortson or Jaylin barford. As good. Not better.

Good point. It would have been interesting to see what Muss would have done with either of them…especially Barford.


This. JD has incredible range, but his odds of making a 30 footer, a 16 footer or a 5 footer are all about the same…average. He’ll make the spectacular play then make an equally puzzling play…“he giveth and he taketh away”.

Thing is, thus far with this team he’s the ONLY one capable of taking over a game late and pulling out a game we are behind in, if he randomly gets on one of him mini-streaks. Umude has shown some of that with streaky 3 point shooting in the last few games. But mostly, we will live and die with Notae.

As a NBA prospect, I see him a as a good D League or international guy. I don’t see him playing in the NBA. As always with these kinds of comments, I would LOVE to be wrong.

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