Notae and Sills

Are they still hampered by injuries, or are their minutes just going to Devo because he makes us a better team?

It looks like Desi’s shoulder is still nowhere close to 100%. J D still has to improve his shot selection. When he does that, his minutes will increase.

Desi hurt. Notae does not pass enough. That is over simplification.

But Devo Davis is great on both ends. So it’s a combination of all three things. Hard to take Devo out.

Right now Devo has earned the minutes. Desi just can’t get it done hurt. It will improve the team when Desi gets healthy again. It’s nice to have good play from all three of those guards. So I look forward to all 3 having good games.

Sills took one 3-pt shot from the corner in 1st half and boy did he shoot it awkwardly. So, yeah I’m guessing he’s still hurting.

Notae I don’t know what’s up with him right now. Head doesn’t seem to be in the game.

Feel bad for Desi, just hope he works thru this and keeps his chin up.
Notae hustles and sometimes looks very good but still hasn’t grasped how to run the offense consistently. Dribble then shoot or turnover.

Notae fails to make the open pass! Keeping the ball moving moves the defense. He also fails to pass the ball on the fast break a lot! He passes up the open shot at times to get into a crowd and end up with zero.
It’s like the shot Vance Jackson took. The 3 he faked himself out on. Just take the shot in the flow and let it fly.


I like JD, but he may be playing for the wrong Arkansas coach. His style of play would fit nicely with our women’s team. I still kind of have the feeling that he may not be 100% healthy.

I like Notae’s potential and hope we see him play well. He just has his motor going 95mph and his eyes are on the shoulder of the road reading a road map! When he finds a way to be under control and pass to the open man and get the ball back for an easier shot it will all improve. He forces a lot of shots that really aren’t good shots at all!
Some of those shots should be listed on the box score as a TO.

If Notae would start the game focusing on driving and dishing (which he is well equipped to do) I think things would really open up for him (and his teammates)… and Muss would leave him out there. He did this for a game or two (after his last stint on the bench) and he looked great.

He has to figure it out! He passes up the open shot! He drives inside to get his shot blocked and very seldom drives with the intent to pass! The inside out game would help him for sure. Maybe the line is where he prefers.

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