Notable weight changes in the offseason

I usually try to pull the latest roster after fall camp starts to compare it to the previous year to look at weight changes. Here are some notables:

Austin Capps -9 to 300
Bijhon Jackson +4 to 339
Guidry -15 to 279
Armon Watts +16 to 309
J. Marshall +11 to 310

Deon Malone +8 to 304
Froholdt -7 to 311
Gibson -11 to 333
Paul Ramirez +9 to 308
Raulerson +12 to 313

Scoota Harris -13 to 242
Giovanni LaFrance -16 to 239

Hayden Johnson +8 to 256
Cole Kelly +10 to 268
Austin Allen +6 to 215

Santos Ramirez -7 to 198
K. Richardson +7 to 185
Deon Edwards +7 to 212

Some good news and bad news in that. Not good on Bijhon. Not good on Cole Kelly. I think most of the others were OK. Why is Hayden Johnson listed at LB?

Sorry, that’s another grouping. I didn’t mean to include with the LBs

Glad to see Kevin Richardson up to 185.

Bijohn’s weight is definitely going the wrong way, if that is accurate. Hate to see that.

As I wrote yesterday, it apparently is really good weight on Bijhon. He’s run really well all summer. I think he’s changed his nutrition in a big way. I do not think he’s at a bad weight, although we will see soon. Frank Ragnow told me that Bijhon has run well all summer and had no trouble carrying that weight.

I will talk to Bijhon on media day, or early next week if he comes to the interview room. I’ll request him for sure because I think his play is a big deal in the 3-4. I will be interested to what he says about his weight. It may come up as soon as tomorrow when I talk to Paul Rhoads.

Clay on Cole Kelly… That is a lot of weight to have on someone, I know he is very tall but how does he looks moving with that amount of weight?

Cole moves OK. He’s really tall. He does not look fat, but he does look big all over. He’s got a lot of that in his lower body. I’ll watch him more over the next few days.

You typically lose weight during camp and especially through the season. Bijohn is going to be playing more, running more, and burning more calories. He has added muscle which increases metabolism. He will lean up more I think before the first game.

Four years in and we’re still talking about 339… even if he can move better in this new “body” his endurance is the real question mark. What he’s doing in the first half of games vs. second half will be telling. Here’s hoping for the best but not optimistic.