Not your everyday headline

Seventeen Arkansas football players were rescued tonight after being stuck in an elevator for an hour: … ck-elevat/

I can’t understand why 17 players were in an elevator together in the first place. Either it’s a huge elevator or they way overpacked it. However, the more important question is how an elevator in a building that new can get stuck between floors. Some elevator company needs to do some major investigating & be able to answer some hard questions.

Think that was an odd headline, check this one out.

17 players X 250 pounds (avg) = 4250 pounds. That’s over two tons! I hope that is some kind of freight elevator.

I don’t know many elevators that can handle 17 football players. That is too many. I bet guys will be using the stairs more in the future. I much prefer stairs. In almost all situations, I use stairs. I don’t like elevators and generally avoid them.

I rode up that elevator Saturday. There were 8 folks on it. There were 5-6 more approaching. Someone held out their hand to stop the door from closing. I just said not this time. It will be right back. Glad I did.

The little elevator at the Broyles Center that the players usually used in the Holtz era would scare me to death. It was frequently overpacked with very large people. I don’t remember anyone getting stuck in it in my five years on campus, but certainly wouldn’t have surprised me. I’m pretty sure it was replaced when the BC was revamped to include the museum, etc.

If it was replaced, it didn’t do much good. Before it was torn down, that elevator in the Broyles Center was the second-most rickety on campus, behind the one inside Old Main.

LOL. I never got to set foot inside Old Main as a student. They had fencing around it at the time to keep people out and it was widely thought at the time that it would be torn down. I’d be surprised if it had an elevator at all at that time, since it had been in disuse for quite some time, possibly predating ADA and other laws mandating access for the handicapped (which means elevators). Sounds like the BC elevator may not have been upgraded after all.

I’ve heard the elevators at Auburn are worse…