not usual...really 2nd guess Enos today

2 QB sneaks inside 10, not running on last set of downs with a timeout, that 3 and out with all passes. Not his best day.

Defense bad all around…our corners never turn around…this is most frustrating loss for me in BB era.

I agree. I think Enos is the best coach we have but he panicked bigly today.

Run. The. Ball.

And, why were we hurrying at the end? It just led to the disorganization and panic and penalties and drops.


I couldn’t figure out why the Hogs were passing on the last possession either. There was some panic there it seemed. That loss is mostly on the coaches. The D was its usual bad but we expect that. The 2nd half play calling was probably the worst of the year for Enos.

I agree. I didn’t like the attempt for the long pass on first down that led to the 3 & out in the third quarter, either.

Regardless, the thing that bothers me most is how our D simply coudn’t cover their receivers. No pressure on the QB & he connected to too many long passes. And the receivers were open on some drops & overthrows. Just a terrible day for the D. But I thought we’d score at least twice in the second half. Three failures in the red zone.