Not trying to start any crap, just .....

Not trying to start any crap, just asking a question because it came up in a discussion I was having this afternoon.

My contention was that Gafford will do better after he leaves here when he can get into a system that has an offensive threat at the four position and guards that are better at identifying angles and making entry passes. All things he will find on the NBA level. He will still need to work on his face up shooting, but that is a practice skill I’m sure he will master in time.

Still my question was and is… Who was the last offensive threat we had at the 4 position? I’ll admit I’m drawing a complete blank. All I could come up with is Coty Clark. Granted Corliss Williams was our gold standard, but that was 25 yrs ago.

Who have we had as offensive threats at that position.

Maybe Marshawn Powell. Alandis Harris.

Alandise Harris is certainly the most recent example of a 4 with good offensive tools. Coty Clarke pre-dated Harris and was one of my favorite guys to watch. Dude was so savvy and smooth. Should also throw in Michael Washington. Washington had a really good final two seasons here. Going back even farther, Charles Thomas.

I thought of him, but for some reason I was thinking he was forced into the 5 spot. I’ll admit my memory is not even close to what it once was and it was poor then. :slight_smile:

You could be right. I just remember him having many of the qualities that make a very good 4, so that’s what I kind of viewed him as. Greatest example is his shot fake, dribble drive and dunk over a Texas player in BWA. Really versatile guy.

What position did Divor Rimac play?