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That’s funny looking back at that thread. People were losing it over a team that was like 12-4 at the time lol. I tried to speak some reason in there, but it was a lost cause. Most of those same people that were complaining seem to be absent from posting right now, that seems very convenient for them.

Don’t know if it was your intent, but you could just about insert BB for MA and the post would fit today. I’m certainly not saying BB is going to turn things around, but the similarities are obvious. BB is a good guy… just not getting it done… his system just doesn’t work…

It sure appears I was wrong. Sure hope so! The future looks bright right now.

I’m here to take my lumps!!! :smiley:

Touche, you are. I can respect that. And you usually post good or bad. There’s some that strictly post during the bad.

Don’t worry, there is plenty to go around. I love MA as a coach but, more importantly, as a mentor for young men. I am so happy with the product on the court the first two games on a number of levels. It sure makes it easier to get on this board. I pray the program continues under Coach Anderson’s direction as I believe it will be successful and keep a really good man at the U of A.

I realize this is off topic, but I couldn’t help commenting when I read the subject line. For us old-timers who still remember, “Not too Long Ago” was the name of a popular song by a group called The Uniques back in the mid-60’s. The Uniques were a band from Springhill, La., (only about 25 miles from Magnolia, where Southern State College, now Southern Arkansas University, is located) and several of the band members attended SSC at that time. The lead singer for The Uniques was Joe Stampley (yes, that Joe Stampley, of later “Moe and Joe” fame). Their signature song, “Not Too Long Ago”, was a regional hit and led to an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand for the group, as I remember. I went to some great dances at SSC when The Uniques were playing, and this subject line brought back some great memories. Funny how a song can do that. Anyway, now I’ll be singing that song in my head for the rest of the evening.

I’ve got to admit that last year, as much as I like MA/ think he’s the right guy, I thought that he was going to get canned when we were about half way through the season.

That was my post, and I have previously eaten crow and said I turned out wrong.

Love the way we look so far.

Looking back now I realize that our style can produce spectacular results, but when shots don’t fall can make us look spectacularly bad.

But I’m happy where we are and happy with our coach

That’s all I will say about it at this point

The sad thing is as soon as we lose a game or 2, soon, a lot of the usual suspects will pop up out of the woodwork.

We will see the “we don’t run an offense” threads, anew, from people who wouldn’t know a motion offense if it hit them in the face.

Heck, there was even a poster the other day talking about how awful the backups looked when, by most accounts, we looked about as good MA could have dreamed at this point.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. They’ll be back and we will remind them of the 27 and 25 wins and it will nevertheless be a constant pattern throughout the season–bc that’s just what Internet fandom has become.

I said this before the season, but we could go 40-0 win the NC game in double OT and those you mention would complain because we didn’t win in regulation

I think this upward trend got delayed with early departures of Portis & Qualls a few years back. On top of that a recruiting class where every recruit went by the wayside within 2 years for one reason or another.

We could easily be on a run of four straight NCAA appearances if not for bad decisions. The 22-win 2013-2014 team was a tourney-quality team. They won at the NC-Runnerup’s gym and was 4-5 against the RPI top-50. Scheduling kept them out - 6 non-conference games against teams that were #270+ in the RPI. Just replace those games with opponents in the #140 - #200 range, which would in all likelihood have been comfortable wins at home, and that team is top-45 in the computer rankings. They could have overcome the schedule and won 25+ if Young hadn’t made a bad decision for himself by trying to enter the draft after he hadn’t made a jump shot all season. The rules changed that year, which would have made his drive game even more deadly.

The 2016 team then had the perfect storm of an unwise transfer by Babb, Qualls leaving a year too early for his own good, and then the legal problems that contributed to Jacorey Williams getting kicked off the team. That team was so close. Even without Qualls I think that team squeezes into the tourney if Williams, who was ready to be a solid SEC starter, doesn’t leave the #4 position crippled. He would have improved that team at both ends, and they lost a slew of nail-biters.

Is there a system that looks good when shots don’t fal? The objective of the game is put the ball through the basket. When that doesn’t happen at a regular frequency, the game of basketball looks bad.

I’m pretty sure I still have a vinyl of the Uniques. I heard them in Shreveport and Monroe, and I think they played on Mt. Nebo one summer night. Hmm. Might have been John Fred and the Playboy Band.

Here you go swinebeforepearls. In case you need a little help with the words.