Not too impressed with portal recruiting on the DL

Hate to say but it may be to I time to cut bait on the DL Coach? Thought the 2 new coordinators would have some elite defenders looking at at Hogs. LSU seems to be killing it

It’s not over till it’s over. Plenty of spots open to fill.


Georgia just had a good one hit the portal.

Will take him, sight unseen.

John Morgan III is the real deal. There could be one visiting soon.


Let deke recruit for more than a year. He can coach and find players.

I think the new coaches will show results in the next two years. Both have Georgia Alabama and Florida ties.

They will get it done

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Judge after spring ball - DL easiest position to acclimate to as a transfer.

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I think we need either two DTs or an Edge and a DT…. Let’s look at what we have ,.

DT…. Looks like we have 5 or 6 ?

Tauren Carter (coming off an major injury can he recover? Starter level talent before his injury)

Cam Ball … Starter in the bowl and flashed some late last year…could make a Jump next year.

Nico Daviller …. Flashed at times to me last year… could see him making a jump this year…

Marcus Miller …. To put this into perspective, he signed in the same class as Treylon Burkes … he’s never started and not played much… Hope he steps up and is an all American, but the data doesn’t support that happening…

Ian Geffrad …Freshman, it would be unrealistic for anyone to expect to much…

Eric Gregory…. A player I would like to see moved inside , I think this is his SR year, looks like he has all
the physical tools… it’s just time to put them together…

DE… Looks like we have 7 if Eric is moved … also Kaleb James I could see moving inside, but I could also see Carson Dean moving down…

Zach Williams ….Sr and needs to improve… set the edge , and get him on sacks…. Kid is not very physical….

Landon Jackson … needs to add strength and weight, that he can sustain through the season…has some similar traits as Z Williams … but he was also coming off an injury… I think he is a starter next year.

Jashaud Stewart … a fighter but undersized….I think
at times they’d like to have envisioned him as a 3rd down pass rush specialist… but has a difficult time getting off blocks and can’t get home…

JJ Hollingsworth/ Quincy Rhodes Jr/ Kaleb James…
Freshman or RsFr… potential but unrealistic to expect any to start…

John Morgan… looks like a player… but can he set the edge and get home on sacks in the SEC?

We need for some of the young Hogs to really develop, and we need some of these Srs to have blowout SR years…

In my opinion we need an edge and a DT from the portal …

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If we need another edge, go get JD back out of the portal. I think we need 2 more DTs more than another edge guy bc the Pitt transfer is the real deal. I also think LJ will improve with another year in the program…lot of upside & he’s a specimen.

Where we lacked difference makers this year on D was in the back end, and I think DT. Losing Taurean was big for this year bc he was really turning the corner in the spring. Can never have enough GOOD DTs. Is there a big drop off when you rotate in 2nd team DTs?

I could see it your way also,…

JD went to the portal because our new DC wanted him as a stand up LB, he wants his hand in the dirt, from what I heard. I would have figured out a way to keep him, but I understand the new DC doing his system.

Deke Adams is the best DL coach we’ve had here in a long time. DT is probably the hardest position to find a “ready to go” HS recruit. WR? RB? Dime a dozen. Talent skews about 70/30 offense to defense in HS recruiting (or so it seems), and the big boys who can move are really hard to find. It takes long-term relationships.

Now, Williams and Woodson may not feel like Adams is a good fit, but I bet they are thrilled to have someone of his abilities on the staff.

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