Not to throw shade on what the hogs did vs Missouri, but

For one of the first times this year we saw excellent defense, good spacing, good ball movement, good tempo and look what happened. The Razorbacks looked great. I just want people to temper what they saw tonight and try not to get too high and convinced Muss has solved the issues with this team.

I do not believe it was so much about what Arkansas did and it was more about what Missouri was not able to do. PENETRATION!!! It has been the hog killer in every game that we have lost this year. Arkansas has not seemed to be able to stop penetration so they have had to over-help on defense leaving others open for easy threes or dump off passes for easy shots.

Missouri did not have a PG capable of dribble penetration and that was a huge bonus for the hogs. Now granted maybe Muss has finally found a defensive combo that can stop this in the future, they certainly played good defense tonight, but I’m still in a wait and see mode.

I hope this will get the confidence of some of those slumping hogs built back up and we will see what we all hope.

Until then I just know if you cannot stop the ball on penetration, you can not win very many games. Tonight there was very little penetration except by the hogs and we smoked the tigers.

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Absolutely. I did not think we looked like a tournament team necessarily. Not a resume building opportunity anyways. But more importantly it looked like we were having a lot of fun and developing some much needed confidence and chemistry! I hope they are having fun dogging JWill about those rejections today. I would love to see him come out and play MAD vs LSU. Go on and try to penetrate vs him and Wade :rage: hope our guards don’t overhelp we need to keep improving our 3 pt defense, mizzou was no big challenge

Agree. Missouri’s lack of “dribble drives” was the difference (John Sunvold mentioned this on the broadcast).

Have we gotten better at stopping penetration or is Missouri lacking offensively in this area? Probably a little of the former and a lot of the latter. Hopefully, time will show this to be an area of gradual improvement for the Hogs.

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The best thing I saw, and in my opinion the biggest difference maker over the previous 3 ball games, was the OFF-BALL movement on offense. Some of that, of course, was helped by the much better spacing as mentioned in the thread.

We did not have the constant standing around, waiting for a dribbler to penetrate and draw a double team. Players were moving and making themselves available for passes. There were sharp cuts around picks.

That increased movement is also great for creating energy. It was fantastic to finally see.

And yes, MO’s poor play probably helped a lot.


I thought Jaylin and Kamani did a good job making themselves available both rolling to the rim and short rolling after ball screens. Terrific plan to have them (Kamani specifically) intentionally active in the half court rather than hovering on the perimeter and/or standing in the dunker spot and waiting on a feed that may not come.


Some “tempering here”. How about 4 of 19 from the 3 range - at home and while blowing out the other team?

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Yep. It is what it is. That’s why I love playing the big lineup with jd and four forwards. It may not be pace and space. But at least there is some ball movement and toughness. We get shots we can make and we get shots at the rim. And we play defense and rebound. Mostly I was very impressed with how they took care of the basketball. Leave our guards on the bench as much as possible until they figure out how to dribble pass shoot and guard. Ok I’m exaggerating here but not much. We are not a guard oriented three point shooting team this year. But hopefully the whole team gets on board with the toughness and taking care of the basketball style of play going forward.


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