Not to Re-start the GSD ..

But with the talk of Penny Hardaway wanting to start playing Arkansas again, I wonder if an annual game with Memphis in LR would work. Memphis might not be willing, but with the revitalization of their program it would seem to be a good fit.

I think he said home and home. If they play in the home facility in Memphis, I’d think they will play in Bud Walton.

Yes, he wants a home-and-home and Arkansas would welcome that as well.

My bad. I was talking football. Hardaway wants a home-and-home in basketball; I get that. But I was posting on the football board to talk about a game for Little Rock and thinking about Memphis as being a good fit for a football game there.

I wouldn’t think Memphis would be interested in a neutral site game. They would want home and home. The best team they’ve had in decades, 2017, averaged 36,000 at home. If they only get 36,000 in LBMS, they’re not going to bring any substantial numbers 150 miles down I-40, but if they get us in Memphis, the crowds would be a lot better than 36,000 (albeit much of it wearing red).

I’ll be interested to see Morris’ scheduling strategy. Some will not agree, but I’ve always been of the belief large schools can endear themselves to recruits by playing games in the areas they recruit the hardest. I think of games Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have played at Tulsa or the one Texas played recently at UTEP. Texas Tech is going to North Texas sometime in the future. Texas A&M played Louisiana Tech in Shreveport during Manziel’s final year.

Would Arkansas be willing to go to a place like Memphis or Tulsa? It can’t with all the commitments it has to Little Rock and Arlington now, obviously, but what if it was able to get out of one or both of those?

Likely no non-Power 5 team with the exception of A-State will bring a large crowd to any Little Rock game. And Memphis probably would want home-and-home, but it would be a regional "rival’ that could bring some interest to WMS. Some of the Louisiana teams have been good opponents for Little Rock, though Tech played in Fayetteville. It is harder and harder to schedule according to Arkansas’ needs. Home-and-homes with non-Power 5s are not a part of Arkansas’ non-conference plans, but the days of playing Tulsa annually in Fayetteville are over, in part, because Tulsa can get OU and OSU to play at Tulsa. I do agree with Matt in that Arkansas needs to play more regional non-Power 5 (Tulsa, Memphis, Louisiana Tech, Monroe, North Texas, maybe even Southern Miss) games to help with recruits.