Not to beat a dead horse but...

Can we get some decent officiating. A&M is all over our backs sliding up under us and only been called for 2 fouls. Arkansas on the other hand we’ve been called for 9 fouls. Both teams defense has been bad, I’m confused on how we get called for more fouls when A&M has been the aggressor in the paint.

Edit: And CMA needs to take up for Barford and get on these refs, I’ve never seen a player drive to the basket and get fouled as much as Barford and not get a call.

They are horrid every single game. Consistent.

I was just getting ready to post the same thing
It’s really ridiculous
Bar ford gets slapped as he goes to the goal and ther is no call

Do you think we could have gotten away with that?

It just really stinks

The announcers are making such a big deal out of Davis, but I haven’t seen him get one rebound without shoving a guy. He’s knocked Barford, Anton, and Hall to the ground, he’s two hand shoved Gafford and Thomas, yet NO CALL. WTH? I’m glad I’m not Mike, I would have channeled my inner Macho Man, and hit a ref with a chair.

If there is a “cylinder” rule for the the offense, it should also apply to the defensive player as well. The offensive player should not be able to shove the defensive player under the basket to make room for his shot. Trey Thompson has twice been shoved three feet with no offensive foul.

Not just more. Twice as many. They were in the double bonus and we never got into the bonus. And, don’t give me the “we weren’t aggressive” stuff. Hall had 5 paint FGs. Barford and Macon had a couple.

And, yet, everything is a charge or a no call. Please just be consistent.

Bias refs once again.

Don’t say that, everything will be a charge or block against us