Not the news we wanted

Prayers for you and your family.

Any of us who have either fought this disease ourselves or have loved family members through it know exactly the emotional roller coaster you and your wife are on right now. But there are positives. She is being cared for by the very best, and while no new discoveries are good, this one appears to be treatable with a good prognosis. The power of prayer is real, and you have a lot of folks praying for you both. A special part of mine is that God will guide the oncologists through the treatment phase in a way that will ensure a good outcome. Praying for you both.

Prayers for you and your family.

Merry Christmas Rob!

You guys are an inspiration by your quick turn to fight and to praise. No lymph node activity and appears to be contained! Good news indeed.

I hate that you and Mary will have to go through the treatment walk again, but there is a full life to be lived and you guys are valued.

I responded to your PM and yes, we will look forward to seeing you in Houston. What an honor to be able to walk with you.

Thoughts and prayers on the way. Keep that good, fighting attitude…

We’ll keep all of you on our prayer list. God Bless and Merry Christmas. I have also been to Nepal two times, so Namaste back to you.

Continue to rally and be of good cheer the God you know is always near! Holding your family up in prayer. WPS

If you are being treated by the folks at MD Anderson, you are receiving the best there is.

In September 1965, my little sister - on the day she turned 1 year old - was fussy and cried incessantly at our home in El Paso. My mother, using that sixth sense that all Mothers seem to have, convinced Dad to take them down to the emergency room, where it was discovered that sis had a tumor that was preventing her from urinating. If they hadn’t taken her down there her bladder would have ruptured within hours and it almost certainly would have been fatal.

The good news is they caught that before it happened; and surgery removed the tumor. The bad news - it was malignant (neuroblastoma). In those days, at that age, all I knew of cancer was to fear it. Through our El Paso doctors, we were connected to MD Anderson and Mom took sis there for examination and further treatment. Of course, we all feared the worst.

55 years later, and that pesky little sister is still around. In fact, she is the oldest survivor of that particular type of cancer in the United States. She still goes to MD Anderson, but now it is just every few years, so they can continue to monitor her progress. She has a love for those doctors that I’ll probably never fully understand, though they have my complete respect as well.

I am so happy that they caught this thing so early, and that you are working with the BEST at what they do. Best wishes for a full recovery!


Prayers to you and family Sir. As Wiz stated she is in the best hands at MD Anderson.

Prayers sent.

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated as you find time.

Wiz, THANK YOU for that story! So inspirational.

Crazy thing is MD Anderson ran a story on my wife less than a year ago, with her holding her violin, talking about how she had been cured. Then this. We were so taken aback and shocked.

Now that the anger and FEAR has subsided a little…we understand that its a total blessing they found this recurrence so early. Now we just need them to recommend protocol. Thanks EVERYONE for your kindness. It will never ever be forgotten. I truly love this board and it’s community.


Praying for a great resolution. May the peace and grace
of our Lord be with you.

Hogmaestro…I am sorry to hear this but it does appear there is some silver lining to the news with it being small and reoccurring and not new. Plus you caught it early. Praying the board has a solid plan to fight it and know that all of us will continue to pray for your wife, you and your family. Know God is with you all!

I am so sorry, your wife is in my prayers🙏🏻

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