Not the news we wanted

Hello Hog loving friends,

This morning we got the call and news we feared. My wife Mary’s cancer is back. After falling into despair for a couple of hours, we have rallied and are focused on the good news. Its a recurrence. Not a new cancer. Its very small and caught very early. It seems to be contained. No lymph node activity around it at all. Its not aggressive. There is some question about treatment, as surgery may not be an option due to the location. But we are assured that there will be many treatment options. Good ones. The MD Anderson tumor board analyzes the data tomorrow and we will know more.

We are scared. But also know God has his arms wrapped around us.

I CANNOT THANK the people on this board enough for your words of encouragement. Its funny…I live a very pubic life. On stage all the time. Conducting hundreds of people. But this community of people many of whom I have not met in person means more to me than I can express. Clay and Dudley, thank you for creating it…and thanks to all the members. Namaste and Merry Christmas. We certainly intend to have one. No matter what.


I will continue to pray.

It must be frightening, but it sounds like the doctors are optimistic it can be sent back to remission. So glad she caught it early. Will continue to pray.

Sorry to hear of the latest news. But you have a lot of folks all over this country praying for you. Including Mrs. LD and me.

Blessings my friend.

Caught early and small sounds promising. Hoping for good news tomorrow.

So sorry for the news, hoping and praying for the best.

Praying :pray:

So sorry, praying. Just my small part to help…

Of course you are scared, who wouldn’t be. But you do have the comfort of being in the best place possible for treatment.

You certainly have the support of the community on this board. We do have a special bond that others could not understand.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

So sorry for the bad news, while we do not know what the future holds, hopefully you absolutely know that your board friends are praying for you and your wife and that you both are very much in our thoughts.

will be praying for you brother!

Praying for y’all brother, stay strong!

Will keep you both in my prayers.

continued prayers for you both…

So sorry; continuing to lift you and the doctors in prayer.

Not the news I was hoping to hear but know you and Mary will remain in my prayers. Wishing you both a Merry Christmas, surrounded by all those you hold most dear.

Praying for good news from the MD Anderson board, best wishes for happy and peaceful Christmas.

Very sorry for the bad news but very thankful for the good news. Prayers continue that the positive side wins. I have faith.

prayers for you and your wife, hog brother.

Prayers for both of you