Not that it means anything, but

A&M CB commitment Bobby Wolfe retweeted the tweet below this morning a day after the USA Today story on Tuesday. Interesting.

If he’s already committed to A&M, why is he stating he’s committing again?

That was from The Opening in early July.


Bobby was the first person i thought of when i heard about the allegations. I really like Bobby, greatly wanted him to be a hog.

I said even when he committed back to them that it wouldn’t be over until signing day. Still feel that way. I promise you Arkansas hasn’t given up.

He sure looks like a CB that could play on Sundays.
What a defense we could eventually become. Will become.

Yeah, I judged the same thing. That look in his eyes made me really think he could play on Sundays. It will be interesting to follow him and “that look” for the next three years.

Do we have room for him? I’m guessing yes since he’s a play maker.

If he wants to come I think you have room.

As sure as snow is cold.