Not that anyone cares, but here's how I feel about this coaching search

After watching and listening to Gus’ comments after the loss in the SECC yesterday, I believe that he would prefer to stay at Auburn, IF he can get a new contract with guarantees AND participate in the selection of the new AD. In other words, get some of the week to week heat off of his back (whether or not that is a realistic goal for ANY Auburn coach remains to be seen).

Arkansas, it appears to me, is an “acceptable fallback”. It’s home, and whether we want to admit it or not, at this point in time, Arkansas fans are clearly willing to settle for a lower threshold of success than Auburn fans (who are maniacally obsessed with matching Alabama’s success), and our lack of wins in recent years make it a favorable environment for Gus to leverage our desperate fans for a sweetheart deal.

Here’s the rub; I don’t want to be anyone’s “fallback”. I just don’t think we’d get his best, most inspired effort. So, under these circumstances, I wish we’d move on to Norvell (or Morris). We can claim (with at least some truth) that we gave Gus the chance to come home, and he turned it down (or, failed to act - functionally the same thing). His camp cannot deny that, because if they don’t have Arkansas as an option any more, he’ll publicly act as if he’s been dialed into Auburn all along.

I just feel more comfortable with, and think the fans at Arkansas deserve a candidate that’s thrilled at the opportunity to lead our football program.

Wholeheartedly Agree with your line of thinking! Furthermore…This profession is extremely demanding physically as well as mentally. It is getting to be more and more a profession for the young and hungry. We need someone who is willing to fight it 24/7 like a buzz saw. We need someone who would be willing to come in with their hair on fire. We need someone who is trying to build his reputation…not live off of his past Rose Bowl wins. We need someone who will call a innovative style of football that will fit the talent that he is able to recruit. We need someone who will be the Pied Piper and draw the talent to Fayetteville. We need someone who will LOVE Arkansas and Kick Ass! If GM fits the bill…Pay him and hire him. If not, move on to Memphis!!!

This…That’s why I like Norvell, he’s young, energetic, and from what I’ve read would love to be here and take on the challenge

Wiz —

This is certainly a reasonable conclusion to make on the basis of the press conference.

I draw a different conclusion — or, more accurately, no conclusion — from the press conference. I think that it’s impossible to discern anything at all from what he said after losing the SECCG in front of a room full of reports from across the country. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he had put 100% of his energy into the game prep and execution. Therefore, he had to be pulling on talking point his agent gave him in order to answer these questions that were bound to come up. He was in a no-win situation — it would be improper and disrespectful to his team and their fans to say that he didn’t want to be at Auburn at that time, and his words were a long way from saying he was fully committed to Auburn.

So, I see your point. I just personally don’t think you can draw anything from words spoken in that kind of situation.

First, let me say that I think Gus or Norvell would be fine imo. I’m not emotionally attached to either. That being said, what Gus said in the presser could be taken a couple of ways but I doubt it can be taken at face value. He is a master of feigns (evidenced by the motion in his offense) so what he said and for whom that message was meant may be, and probably is, different from how we might interpret it. It might mean exactly how it’s interpreted in this thread, and I tend to overthink, but during this decision period, I expect there is more to it.

Well said. I think its hard to gauge GM’s “heart” for coming back home - whether its real or as some have suggested, we are being played. Because even if he ultimately opts to stay in Alabama, it might not mean he didn’t have a strong desire to come home. As we have seen time and time again with very high paid pros, hug amounts of money will sway a lot of them to choose options that aren’t their emotional first choice. See Albert Pujols for just one example. I for one would love to think that Malzahn or anyone would see the Arkansas that I love and give up personal perks just to get to be here. But that’s not the way the world usually works anymore, even for the most noble among us - and of course there are plenty of folks here who definitely don’t see Gus in that light anyway.

Also, regarding wanting someone who really wants to be here. Whoever (and I don’t know who that would be, other than Gus) seems to be that in that camp, would suddenly imo find that not to be so much, if another school threw an offer their way that was much more than ours.

It was a combination of what he said and his body language. Just my gut feel.

As for what he said, I find it curious that - if he DOES want to come back to Arkansas - he didn’t answer the questions with the tried and true “I fully plan to be back at Auburn next season” instead of the odd “I WANT to be back at Auburn next season”.

The former implies that it is “business as usual” and gives usability to the Malzahn camps desired status of staying the course and not entertaining other opportunities (even though we know that’s not completely true). The latter makes it sound as if he might not be given the opportunity to return to Auburn. Also, IF he ends up making a move to Arkansas, that it was, indeed, a fallback because he didn’t get what he wanted to remain at Auburn, which is what he really wanted.

Again, it’s simply my read. Obviously, I may be wrong.

You may also be right. That’s the beauty of opinions. :slight_smile:

Wiz, that seems accurate.

We need top recruiters and great coordinators
to go with a top flight man at the top.
Can we pull that off?
We must have the ability to get top level recruits
to make up for our huge disadvantage in home
grown talent.

I’m hoping Auburn makes him Gus a better offer and we get someone or anyone else!
Gus isn’t with 7 million a year. No football coach is worth that kind of money’.

I think we can all agree that no football coach is worth the money they are being paid, and it will certainly translate to higher ticket prices. And if our next coach doesn’t win pronto, then there will be much unrest for all ticket holders and fans. I understand that Gus is being regarded as a premium product at this moment and maybe he does offer us the best opportunity to win, but my personal preference is Norvell at a lower cost and expectations that are not out of this world. He brings an exciting offence and with the money saved from Gus we could hire a DC that is above average. I am, and I’m sure most of you are tired of the drama and ready to name a coach and get on to recruiting. Being in the dark about what’s going on really stinks!

Two of the teams in the playoffs are paying $11 million and $8 million (Alabama and Clemson). TAMU hired Jimbo at $7.5 million. Apparently the market is in the range of the rumored Gus offer.

I don’t know that I can say “no” coach is worth that. Probably would pay Saban $7-8 million a year and feel that we were getting our money’s worth. But the list may begin and end there.

That said, I agree with the general sentiment of your post - which is also consistent with my OP in this thread - that Gus isn’t worth that, and that we’ll get more value from a Norvell or Morris (or whoever) at $3-4 million per year. Someone that we can reward (i.e., bonuses and increases) as he produces on the field.