Not talked about stat on Whitt

In his last 4 games, Jimmy has had just one turnover. That is 1 TO in 152 minutes of play. That is almost unheard of for the primary ball handler.


The two biggest keys to our 7-0 record are Mason Jones and the PG play of Whitt and Harris.

Whitt has been really good but Harris is most improved. He is the best penetrator on the team and is becoming more reliable with the ball in his hands. All of these guys seem to have improved even though no one is shooting the ball very well.

At some point teams with good bigs and long guards are going to : 1) make it tough for us to do anything close to basket; and 2) deny/closely guard Joe and Jones to keep those guys from getting open looks on threes. Those teams are going to make Whitt/Harris/Sills prove they can hit enough outside shots to play winning half-court offense. If one or two of that trio can be at least mediocre from the outside it would make life easier for us in conference play. If one of those guys gets their groove on shooting threes that would bode really well for offensive productivity in the half court game.

Whitt is never going to hit any outside shots. With his form he can barely get it to the rim from 18 feet. On the flip side as we have all seen he is one of the best post up guards in the nation. So there is that.

Counting on Sills and Harris from outside is an iffy proposition at this point. I think Sills needs to shoot less and drive more to the hoop. With that said I still like him shooting it if it’s in the rhythm of the offense, but he shouldn’t be “hunting for the 3”.

Great point. Even toward the end of last season, when Sills was making 3s at a high percentage, he never became a volume 3 point shooter. I think you are correct. It looks like his success last year has him searching for 3 point shots. Rhythm is a must for Desi to make 3s at a high rate. Any hesitation or any forcing of the shot and he’s going to miss.

Hope an insider can tell us how Desi’s shot looked over the off-season. He was not a volume 3 pt shooter in high school either. Last year he worked and worked in the gym, his work paid off and that shot started falling for him lste in the year. Then they moved the line on him. He now has to repeat that cycle to shoot well in the second half of the season. Right now, he is kind of guiding it instead of shooting it. That won’t work.

At the same time, Muss telling him he should stay away from shooting the 3 is not going help Desi get there. He needs to keep shooting it in game situation.

I cant’ tell that there’s anybody who Muss puts on the floor, other than Chaney, who has a red light on shooting threes. The light is certainly greener for Joe than Bailey, but overall my impression is that Muss feels comfortable enough with what he sees in practice to not get upset if these guys get a good look and take the shot.

He had his best shooting the NIT with the line moved back he hit 4 against Indiana

Thanks for pointing that out. I had forgotten that NIT had moved the line back. I have to rethink why he is struggling with his shot. Let’s take a good look at his form tomorrow night,

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