Not surprising, but interesting

Teddy Cahill re-ranked the 2015 signing classes. Arkansas’ went from unranked to No. 5.

Teddy mentions Isaiah Campbell, Blaine Knight, Eric Cole and Grant Koch in the article, but this is also the class that included Kacey Murphy, Barrett Loseke, Cody Scroggins, Kevin Kopps and Jake Reindl.

When Dave Jorn retired in 2016, he told me: “There are about six or seven freshman pitchers who are going to be really good before they leave here.” That was this group.

LOL From unranked to 5th!! Nice illustration of just how really useless rankings are that fans get so hung up on during recruiting and not just baseball but across all sports. It all just boils down to speculation and assumption. Anytime a recruits ranking can be effected by things like what school or which coach offered, instead of just solely on his own talent and level of competition, then you know there are too many subjective outside sources influencing rankings. That’s why I love to see re-ranks, it shows just how much of a guessing game and how they favor the “NAMED” schools in the original rankings. I think I remember a re-ranking of the DMAC class and we were like #1 or #2 in the re-rank, but somewhere much much lower in the original. To steal a phrase from Game of Thrones as far as recruit rankings at signing time… You know nothing John Snow!

PS: Matt please do not take this as a “you know nothing” aimed at you. I aim this solely at those that produce the original rankings.

Recruiting ranking sites like Perfect Game/D1 Baseball/Prep Baseball report are all based upon which players play in most of their events. Have been around these groups over the past 6 years and there are some really overrated players. These kids throw 100 MPH from outfield and run 6.4 60’s but lack feel and baseball IQ when you watch them play in a game and have to make baseball decisions in tight situations. The ones who have good tools AND high IQ are the ones that actually make the big leagues and stay in the big leagues. That is why 15% of HS 1st rounders make it, not 100%. The hardest talent to evaluate is baseball IQ because you have to actually sit on players for 20-30 games to see the situations play out in game. The baseball IQ allows the tools to “play up” as scouts would tell you.


Perfect Game is an expensive deal. It’s pay to play. Their events are expensive and if you don’t come to them and pay those fees, you don’t get rated. Kinda sad.

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True, true. Facing this PG situation right now with my 14yr old. Thought about taking him to a Florida showcase until I saw one available much closer in Houston, then I realized the cost was over $700 for two days. That’s a no-go. Luckily I took him to a Razorback camp earlier this year and his team had a similar camp at Texas State University. His team will play in some PG events this year and I’ll probably continue taking him to University camps, I believe college coaches prefer to watch them up close instead of a PG ranking.

I would opt for the school camp every time.

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